Meet Drifft “UNO”

With Drifft Uno, Exploring Far & Wide Will Never Be the Same Again.

Inspired by a multitude of feelings including snowboarding, surfing, skateboarding and flying through the air like a bird, this 500 Watt beast turns pavement into your playground. Drifft Uno’s dynamic gyroscopic stabilization creates lean-to-go control and allows you to carve silky smooth heel and toe turns.

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Drifft One Wheel Skateboard Hoverboard

Drifft One Wheel Skateboard Hoverboard

Unidrifft – Move Without Boundaries

Outside. Inside. Across the street or along the sidewalk. With Unidrifft, the world is yours. Join the gyro-cycle movement.

  • 30° Climb Ability
  • 800 Watt Motor Power
  • 14″ Tire Size
  • Weighs Only 35lbs.
  • 4 Hour Charge Time
  • 24″ Length
  • 18.9″ Wide
  • 31.5″ Height
  • Lithium-Ion Battery Power
  • Bluetooth App Feature

Unidrifft Electric Riding Unicycle

Miles Per Charge

Maximum Weight Load

Top Speed